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Philipp Franz von Siebold was a German doctor who lived and worked for the Dutch on the Japanese island of Deshima. Here, he started to collect many things, including Japanese plants. When he came back to the Netherlands, he owned a nursery garden near his house ‘Nippon’ in Leiden. Many of his introductions found their way to the Hortus botanicus Leiden and almost twenty of these plants are still alive today, the majority being trees and climbing plants.

Von Siebold plants

The Von Siebold Memorial Garden was planted in 1989 – 1990 around one of the Siebold trees, Zelkova serrata. Up by the Orangery are two more of his introductions; the Japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) and Akebia quinata, and near the pergola are three specimens of Wisteria. These plants are a part of the Nationale Plantencollectie (National plant collection).

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